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    8-week Glute Guide

    8 week fitness guide with focus on building healthy, strong and natural curves. Weekly workouts with instructional videos for each exercise! Comes with valuable guidelines that will help you learn how to progress, how to choose weights and how to get results. We are sharing our own background stories and giving you our top tips! Nutrition guidelines with Q&A, meal plans and recipes are available for you, as well as information about calorie intake and other important nutrition factors. Get started today so that you can look back at your progress 8 weeks from now! 

    • 4 workouts each week with instructional videos for each exercise

    • 3 meal plan alternatives with different amount of calories

    • Guidelines to help you know how to think when it comes to weights and progressive overload

    • Q&A about the workout plan

    • Guidelines that teaches you how to track your calorie intake, and how to adjust it depending on what goals you have

    • Q&A about nutritions 

    • Meal recipes based on food with high protein content 

    • Our background stories 

    • Since it's a pdf there is no refund